Enduro Testing Procedure

ENDURO If you were accepted as a volunteer for The Enduro Project, this is for you.

Over the weekend, you'll complete a variety of aerobic and anaerobic tests, beginning with Fight Gone Bad on Friday, April 2nd.  Don't forget your heart rate monitor!

On Saturday, Sunday, or Monday, please stop by the gym to complete the rest of the testing (call first to make sure we're available, but you don't need an appointment.)

You'll perform two tests from the CAT Testing system: the O'Neill test (a 4-minute rowing erg test) and the stamina test (tabata squats and pushups.) You'll do the RAST Test for wattage output.  You'll do more, too: dowload the full list below.


Download RAST test

As soon as you're done, send your results in, and we'll send you a month's worth of work!