Fight On Friday – Flights

Fgb1 17 minutes.  That's all it takes to turn a corner.

Fight Gone Bad is this Friday – Good Friday, April 2.  To accommodate the religious holiday, we'll be starting early, and closing at noon.  Flights times are approximate; please be early to cheer (most participants stay for the entire event.) 

Haven't entered yet?  Click here.  Want to just drop in that day?  No problem; we'll fit you in somewhere. But you're on the bubble: be ready for action!

Records: Vilaca – 449; Deluco – 435; Fisher – 250 (youth); Cappelli – 235 (women)


Heather Hicks

Neal Smykacz

Bobby Russon


Phil Strickler

Anna Cappelli

Ed Cappelli

Kath Fryia

Cain Coulis


Nadia Amaral

Candace Nicholas

Donna Waboose

Marnie Scott

Monique Rollin


Ray Gowlett

Hillary Speck

Josh Deluco

Michele Irwin

Cameron Wilson

Fgb2 9am – Junior Division!

Max Fisher

Owen Headrick


Glen Fisher

Amy Jolicoeur

Gabe Wetzel

Sadie Puddister

Brandon Corelli


Shannon Love

Carolle Robinson

Troy Woods

Kyle Campbell

Greg Beharriel

Fgb3 10:30am

Wade Kraft

Stephen Moore

Ryan Walker

Brad Rennison

Jordan Oikari


Margo Beaudoin

Chris Pratt

Devin Boston

Joe Leblanc

Rich Leblanc




Mitch Fryia

Adrian Vilaca

Odane Ferguson

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