Today's Workout: 042814

Back Squat 10-10-10-10-10
21-15-9 of:
Thrusters (95/65)
…for time.
Fran is an anaerobic workout. That means it’s exercise at an unsustainable level: the one who can go longest without a break will win. Some elite athletes will perform the entire workout without rest, but we’re unlikely to see that performance today.
Anaerobic exercise can take the form of interval training; underwater swimming; or other short but intense movement lasting 1-5 minutes. While aerobic training (long, slow distance) has long been touted as the best way to burn fat, most research done in the last decade demonstrates the superiority of anaerobic workouts for same. In addition, anaerobic exercise can improve aerobic performance, but the reverse isn’t true. Anaerobic activity spares muscle; aerobic activity eats muscle.
While variety is best, we believe in a planned approach where anaerobic exercise is performed on most days (4x/week) and aerobic pathways are used half as often (2x/week.) Even our aerobic workouts carry anaerobic intervals for maximum benefit.
How will you recognize the difference? You can read more here–or you can just show up and put your metabolism in the hands of our expert coaches. As Greg Glassman wrote in 2003, “We are striving to give you a racecar driver’s sense of auto racing, not a mechanical engineer’s. Both have their place, but only one drives the car on race day. ”