Today's Workout: 050114

Hang Split Snatch 2-2-2-2-2-2 (alternating legs)
Then: Achieve as many pullups as possible in 20 minutes, using the following:
Run 200m
Max pullups
Farmers’ Walk 100m
Max pullups
The hang split snatch builds power in the hips.
With a slight torso tilt, the hamstrings and glutes are preloaded; the stored elasticity will help ‘pop’ the weight overhead. Catching in a split will be new for most lifters today, especially using the “other” leg. Skateboarders, snowboarders and other riders call this “going fakie”: they recognize the benefit of occasionally switching legs to make a given move harder. For us, the benefit of removing the pull from the floor and performing a double with alternating legs means more practice on the jump with less pressure to catch perfectly.
No program focusing on “firming and toning your glutes” can do half what a hang split snatch can. If we cared about such things, we’d spread that message far and wide.
The run/pullup/walk/pullup METCON is simple: systemic (whole-body) fatigue limited by localized fatigue. In this case, your grip is likely to go long before you run out of pullup power, which will increase the number of rounds (and thereby the number of runs.) To make this even worse, we could sub rowing for running, but this isn’t our preference; dress for wet weather today.
The Race to Nowhere in Youth Sports – build your athletes in the gym, and let them do better at sports. Don’t rely on sport to produce an athlete.