Today's Workout: 051314

Squat 3-3-3-3-3
Regionals Event # 7
64 pullups
8 OHS 205/135
…for time.
Let’s talk about opportunity for a moment.
CrossFit workouts give you two opportunities every day:

  • the opportunity to do well at something
  • the opportunity to find your weakness

When Emily (above) started event 7 at Regionals, she knew she wouldn’t be first off the pullup bar. In a heat with Whitney Darchuk and Brittany Brown, Emily knew her strength would be in the overhead squat portion of the workout.
Fourth to the bar, Em was one of the few athletes to perform the OHS unbroken. Where the shorter athletes struggled, Beers used her strength to take over. Now she’s going to Carson.
Emily’s also a great friend, and author of today’s CrossFit Journal story about women who chose to row their own boat rather than ride the wake of Harvard’s legend.