Today's Workout: 051513

For time:
800m run
5 power cleans (135/95)
10 handstand push ups
15 slam balls (sub with GHD Situps)
10 power cleans
15 handstand push ups
20 slam balls
15 power cleans
20 handstand push ups
25 slam balls
800m run

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Dow and Monsanto Team Up on The Mother of all Herbicide Marketing Plans

USDA Sticks It to Monsanto and Dow (At Least Temporarily)

What The Research REALLY Says About Sleep

  – Eric Cressey is a great coach, and a knowledgeable writer. His thoughts (above) are primarily about the acute effects of sleep deprivation. The chronic effects may be much more; nurses and other shiftworkers will attest to slowing metabolic rates over time, especially when their rotating shift schedules are paired with high workplace stress.