Today's Workout: 070513

Snatch Balance 1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1
Scale to Heaving Snatch Balance
30 minutes of Mobility.
Hacks, by Coop in CrossFit Journal.
Catalyst has a long tradition of helping those in need beyond our gym.
“24-Hour Emergency” wasn’t our first fundraiser (that title belongs to ‘Inside/Out’)  but it’s one of our proudest moments. Mike Watson, then Head Trainer at Catalyst, did a WOD every two hours for 24 to raise money for a friend with Stage-4 melanoma. They weren’t easy WODs; some lasted up to an hour. Catalyst family members arrived through the night, hitting events hard and dropping their coins in the jar.
Tomorrow, the Catalyst family will participate in the worldwide “CrossFit For Hope” event. It has always been our philosophy to spend our time and energy in the most efficient way possible; to cut the ‘junk miles,’ ‘junk science’ and ‘junk food.’
5891_215885885581_6873328_n“Good” is not “good enough” for Catalyst. We pursue “best” every day in hopes of achieving “better.” We are relentless in the pursuit of knowledge that will point us toward “best.” This has been our mandate for over eight years.
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital leads the fight against children’s cancer. It’s not Canadian, but it does take Canadian kids. It’s not concerned with politics: the hospital wants the best, gets the best, and fundraises every cent. They’ve taken the cure rate for ALL–child-onset leukemia– from 4% to 96%. These are the guys with the best chance of finding a cure. And since they’re supported entirely through fundraising, they share what they know.
It takes $1.9 million to turn the lights on at St. Jude every morning. Families in the midst of crisis don’t pay a cent for treatment. They can live on-campus. Their groceries are grown on-site or covered by St. Jude. Their kids can focus on getting WELL. We are going to help them.
Tomorrow, show up. Bring a donation. It’s even better if you register on the Hope site, but if not, that’s okay. See you at 9am.