Following The Kids: Maggie Diotte

IMG_3467As per everything in my life, or so it seems, my children brought me to CrossFit. My son Braedon’s cousin Shea-Lynn (I’m pretty sure most have heard of her) was going to Catalyst and they had just finished the Zones, I believe. Anyway, Braedon wanted to get strong like Shea, so I talked to my niece Lindsey and got Braedon enrolled into Varsity. I had also heard about Catalyst from a few ladies who play hockey. I would catch the tail end of the 9 am group on Saturdays and it looked interesting. When my niece asked if I wanted to do On-Ramp, I was up for the challenge.
I joined On-ramp with my niece and then did a second round of on-ramp. I thoroughly enjoyed it. After talking with Coop, I nervously decided to take the plunge and try a Crossfit class. Of course, the very first one was the first open workout from 2012 – as many burpees in 7 minutes as you could do. It was interesting, to say the least. I had thought I was semi fit until then, it was an eye-opener. I still didn’t fully embrace it. I was going to classes at the Y and going to Catalyst at least 2 times a week. Then SMick convinced me to try the Saturday morning classes. What a blast! The people were great and it was fun to work out as a team. I was still a little intimidated from the fantastic athletes I was surrounded by, but as time went by, I got more comfortable. The people proved to be some of the nicest I’ve ever met and the coaches are the best. I’ve since stopped going to the Y classes and go to Catalyst exclusively. The one thing about Catalyst is that it is never boring. I even find myself forcing myself to go when it’s a workout I know I’m not good at – because I’m determined to get better. My daughter goes to Rumble Tumble (though wants to move to Ignite with Coach Charity) and my son Braedon will be soon be back in the fold. One more child to convince to come and it will be a family affair.


At present I’m in Barbell Bettys working on strength. I want that pull up so bad. Having more strength for overhead squats, thrusters and snatches would also be a huge plus. Charity is a great coach, she even puts up with our constant chatter and my constant questions. Next will be Barbell Bettys II. Perhaps I can get in the “over 300 lb deadlift” women’s club. I’d like that too. Oh – and the ever scary handstand, then perhaps an actual handstand push-up. (I seem to have a bit of a commitment problem with those handstands.) 4 – What was your favorite part of the Open? I actually can’t believe I signed up for it. Good thing Coop is such a bully. My favourite part was the 13.1 workout, even though it contained burpees. I was so happy to get some 75 lb snatches in before time ran out. I wasn’t sure if I could do it. Thanks for all the encouragement Coop!
I’m doing the Catalyst Games this year. Oh yeah, wouldn’t miss it. I participated last year with a team and as long as Linda Clargo is still willing, will do so again this year. Maybe they’ll add a little competition for the kids?
Best CrossFit memory – I have a few.  Last year’s Catalyst Games ranks up there as does the Open from this year, but my favourite memories are meeting the people. The noon group is the ABSOLUTE best and I’m really missing them while I’m in Bettys. Of course, Mobility day with Tyler ranks up there, especially when we play games. Works my body and my mind – I love it.