Today's Workout: 072014

5 sets HSPU for max reps (strict)
5 sets pullups for max reps (strict)
5 sets bodyweight back squat for max reps
5 sets toes-to-bar for max reps
Rest 1:00 between each set.
That guy, Clint, is one of our original firebreathers. Clint showed up around 2008, when we were all just figuring this stuff out as we went. Back then, resources outside were few and far between (there may have been 3 muscle-up tutorials on YouTube at the time) and we floundered our way through. Now, of course, our coaching staff has years of experience, study and seminars under our belt, and new clients make progress at a rate we wouldn’t have dreamed possible five years ago.
Want proof? Watch a kids’ class. There are 13-year-olds whose technique is so solid they can hang with “stronger” adults every day. Watch a 7pm group where most went through OnRamp before joining–they’re passing the veterans. More coaching is better, obviously.
We used to allow anyone to walk in off the street and just start throwing things around. That option has been gone for years. In September, new members will enjoy a minimum of one personal training session per month in addition to coached groups at a fantastic price. The Open Gym option will remain for current Open Gym-only members, but I expect many will upgrade to the “new” structure when they realize the value.
Next weekend is The 2014 CrossFit Games. I’ll be returning home early to celebrate, WOD and watch with my Catalyst Family. Starting Friday, we’ll sample some of the Games workouts and stream the event live at the Park. Carolle will lead a special Mobility class at 7am on Friday, and Kerri will launch our new Sunday Morning Yoga program on Sunday. It’s going to be an amazing week. Enjoy it all!