Today's Workout: 072114

3-Position Snatch Every 30 seconds for 10:00
Run 400m
95lb overhead squat x 15
5 rounds for time.
“Nancy” tests different elements of running skill and capacity.
First, your aerobic capacity: bracing your midline in the overhead squats requires a good deal of abdominal bracing. When your trunk is braced (via the valsalva manoeuvre) your diaphragm can’t fully expand and contract your chest; you take shallower breaths. Thus your “recovery” time between 400m sprints is impaired.
Second, your anaerobic threshold: how quickly can your legs recover from fatigue, given there’s no actual “rest” portion? A change between running and squatting will allow some muscles to recover a bit, especially if your running form favors hip extension instead of the quad-shock brought on by heel strike. Will it be enough? How much will your fifth run differ from your first?
Finally, your running technique. With your “core” fatigued, can you maintain good running posture? Will your stride revert to heel-first? Will you look down at the ground, or up and ahead?
We’ll find out.