Today's Workout: 090113

10 rounds with a 2 minute rest in between, of any (or any combination) of:
Swim 100 meters
Run 400 meters
Row 500 meters
Bike 1000 meters
Thanks to everyone who came out for Hotshots 19 yesterday. The CrossFit community raised $140,000 for the families of the fallen wilderness firefighters, and CrossFit HQ pledged scholarships for their kids (in addition to paying for the entire event.) If you haven’t yet, read “This Is CrossFit” by my good friend, Andrea Maria Cecil Topper.
Monday is a holiday. The Park will be open from 6am-noon, with a CrossFit group at 7am only.
Next Saturday is Catalyst Games 2013! This week will be a ‘half-speed’ week – light weights, technique work, and extra mobility. It’s a taper for the weekend. Your goal should be “half as hard, half as often” or less; do the minimum required to feel good. The hay is already in the barn (I want to use that one before it becomes a cliche…aaaaaaaand now it has. Too late.)