Today's Workout: 090613

40 minutes of Mobility.
What’s mobility? Active recovery. It may feel like a workout, but it will leave you loose. Flexibility is the body’s ability to extend a joint to its maximum; mobility is the ability to do so without forcing the issue, fighting yourself, or making it painful.
If you’re visiting for Catalyst Games 2013, our 7am, noon and 7pm groups are free. Drop in and roll out with us (groups start precisely on time.) Open gym is available this afternoon (1pm-7pm) and evening (8pm-9pm) for registration, tshirt pickup, and just working the kinks out. Visitors: please note that Open Gym and CrossFit Groups do NOT overlap; you’re doing one or the other (feel free to do both, but barbells go away at 6:59.) Thanks.
See you tomorrow morning!