Today's Workout: 100114

Row 1000m
50 over-the-bar burpees
50 overhead squats (95/65/45)
50 double-unders
Run 500m
…for time.
The 1000m row to start the workout won’t be the major determinant of your time here. The temptation to rest–and your will to resist–will be.
Yesterday’s “Fran” was a full-on anaerobic test. Everyone did very well; all finishers should be proud of their score. Today, that anaerobic part will happen in the middle. When your heart rate spikes on the over-the-bar burpees, you’ll have to make yourself keep going. Then you’ll move to a slightly more technical exercise with an elevated heart rate; and then a more technical movement with sore legs. If you have to scale the double-unders to keep moving, DO IT.
The final run will be the real challenge. You’ll want to walk. Slow down as necessary, but don’t let yourself stop. Your brain will thank you. Willpower isn’t a gift; it’s trainable, like a muscle. It gets tired. You can get better at it, and this is a great way to start.
The October No-Grains nutrition challenge starts today. If you haven’t signed up yet, click here to try it – it’s free! If you HAVE signed up, click here to read your instructions for Day 1!