Today's Workout: 100214

3-position clean to max – EMOM
3 rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
30 squats
115-lb. push press, 20 reps
A 3-position clean is a great reinforcer for landing position and elbow speed. One of the hardest things to master in lifting is timing: getting your hips and knees to move to the right location in the right order at the right time at the right speed. There are a lot of factors, including recruitment of force, disinhibition of prime movers, inhibition of the ’emergency brakes’…and a 3-position clean helps with all of those.
The run/squat/press METCON will remind you of the role played by your shoulders while running. Extension over the head is simply a prolonged forward rotation; even though your shoulders don’t go through the same range of motion on a run, you’ll feel the effects of all those presses.