Today's Workout: 100714

Catalyst Varsity post-WOD hangout, by Melissa Kowalyk

Strict Press 10-10-10-10-10
4 rounds for time of:
45 AbMat Situps
135-lb. deadlift, 30 reps
15 handstand push-ups
Every day at 6:30, you’ll see a bunch of young punks hangin’ around Catalyst. These are the new dimestore cowboys of White Oak Drive: teen athletes who have just finished class. Leaning on big tires, talking about pull-ups, texting “Can I stay a bit longer?” to their moms.
Catalyst Varsity is one step in the development of the fit athlete, and one of the most important. This is where teens learn that hard work is more important than fashion; that the last to finish is cheered, because they’ll probably win tomorrow; that you’d better bring it with a smile, boy. And they usually don’t want to leave afterward.
In November, we’ll be offering NEW Varsity and/or Junior Varsity groups on Monday and Wednesday nights. Both groups are full now, and we thought about starting a waiting list, but frankly…it’s too awesome, we don’t want kids to wait, and we can make the time. Stay tuned for more details.