Today's Workout: 101314

100 minutes of low-state aerobic work (with a few little prizes inside.)
9am: leave the Oak (CatalystGym) running West. Cross Second Line at the lights, and continue west to the entrance of Fort Creek Conservation Area. Run to the parking area, then turn left and continue along the trail until you reach Third Line or 45 minutes (whichever comes first.) Then turn around and come back, reaching the Oak in 100 minutes or less.
Kicker: every 5 minutes, stop and do 5 burpees.
Goal: Dig a metabolic hole.
What to Wear: a watch, a Catalyst shirt (if you have one,) a smile. It’s Thanksgiving! Let’s launch the pre-Christmas season!
This will be our only class time today. The Oak will be open at 8:30am for warmups, locked during our run (9am sharp start time) and close at 11:00am.