Today's Workout: 101813

AMRAP in 15:00 of:
15 overhead squats with plate (35/25)
10 strict pullups
100 jump-and-touch – 6″ target – two hands.
Then: 20 minutes of mobility.
Want REAL mobility? Sunday Morning Salvation is at 9am every Sunday with Carolle!
A sample of our mobility focus today: Yoga And Mobility for Rack Position.
This is the first workout from the Catalyst Lab. Traditionally, Catalyst workouts are programmed based on theory: for example, if the goal is medium-duration aerobic with anaerobic spikes, we can program a workout that includes a lower-skill exercise and something that requires the Valsalva maneuver. We likely wouldn’t add a technical part, unless it was one (like an overhead squat with a plate) that was primarily a mental challenge. If aerobic/anaerobic activity is the goal, we usually don’t want you to stand around looking at a bar; that particular torture should happen only when you can’t possibly continue due to fatigue. There’s a longer post coming on this.
As our workouts evolve and our scope broadens, we run the constant risk of being surprised by a workout: maybe it takes twice as long with a barbell as it did with a sandbag, or maybe it’s easier than we thought. So we’ve set up a pullup rig at Coop’s house to test them beforehand. Right now, a few brave participants (suckers?) will test the more novel workouts before you see them. We may invite others eventually.
The Stories from Catalyst newsletter comes out today, and there’s some exciting news in there about new programs, a better gym schedule, and a returnee that we REALLY missed. Stay tuned at 10am!