Today's Workout: 102414

IMG_2294tabata pistols- 8 rounds
tabata handstand holds – 8 rounds
tabata lunges – 8 rounds
tabata pullup holds – 8 rounds
Tomorrow, the guy in the picture will return to the scene.
That’s me, of course, and the setting is a US federal prison. When competing as a powerlifter, I used to do a meet or two every year there. Everyone else in the photo is a max-security inmate.
Tomorrow, I’m going back. Probably for the last time.
The picture is over a decade old, but walking through the barbed wire still makes me pretty jittery. Not as bad as the first time (I was redlighted in my first squat attempt because my feet left the ground on the ascent!) but it’s still a bit more tense than lifting with Dave in the noon group.
You will also squat heavy tomorrow. You’ll deadlift and press, too. It’s CrossFit Total tomorrow at 9am: three max lifts within ninety minutes. Open Gym will start at 10:30.
Today, get loose. Get ready. And get in here for mobility class today!