Today's Workout: 102713

9am: Sunday Morning Salvation – it’s the class you NEED.
10am-2pm Open Gym
Recommendation: work on gymnastics skills. Here’s one to get you started.
3 Wall Climbers x Wall Walk down and back (laterally)
5 Toe To Bar x Windshield Wiper Combination
Rest as needed. Then,
Five Rounds for Time of:
5 sandbag Ground to Shoulder (blue bag)
10 Lateral (Side to Side) Bag Over Burpees
Work on planche progressions:

Finally, a message from Greg Amundson (affectionately known among the Hope team as, “The Amundson.” Greg wrote a book about lessons from his divorce, called “Your Wife Is Not Your Sister.” I’ll add it to our library tomorrow. In the meantime, here’s Greg reading and speaking at the Capitola Cafe on the topic: