Today's Workout: 102813

Deadlift 5-5-5-5-5
50 manmakers (triple press each rep) for time. M: 40lbs, W: 20lbs.
A manmaker is a burpee done with your hands on dumbbell handles. Instead of jumping up at the end, jump your feet until they’re between the dumbbells, clean them to your shoulders, and press 3x. That’s one rep.
We tried this in a cold garage yesterday, and finished just under 15:00. You can do better: don’t despair early. At around rep #7, it’s going to feel like you have a LONG road ahead, and you’ll consider giving up and heading back to work early. Concentrate on technique at that point. Think about catching the dumbbells perfectly each time, and celebrate when you do. Get 5 reps at a time, and instead of looking at the dumbbells on the floor, keep moving. Smooth is fast.
Congratulations to Jessica Sally, who passed her CrossFit Level 1 exam yesterday! Jess, Mel, Charity and others will be attending USA Weightlifting Level 1 course next.
Don’t forget: at 5:30pm tonight, the Green Army Competitive Group takes over the front gym! You’re welcome to train in the back gym, or join their group for $40/mo. They’ve got their sites on the CrossFit Open, but it’s great coaching for anyone who wants an extra ‘push.’
Next Monday is the start of CrossFit Lite. It’s a great course for anyone who’s nervous about full-scale CrossFit; for CrossFitters who want an aerobic training day; and for former clients who don’t want to rush a comeback. 6:15am, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Just use a punch card as usual.

1 thought on “Today's Workout: 102813”

  1. H, Chris:
    Can you explain the manmaker a bit more fully?
    1) Start in standing position holding DBs
    2) Get in pushup position and execute a pushup with hands on DBs
    3) Then stand up, clean to shoulders, and press three times
    Is this correct? And is it a struct/military press?