Today's Workout: 103113

Snatch 70% x 3 EMOM for 10:00.
Then: “Shooting Lane”
250m row – no legs
250m row – no arms
250m row
25 over-the-rower burpees
4 rounds. Then, with time remaining, max reps of med ball toss (two hands) over a pullup bar. No leg drive allowed. Stand facing the bar, throw over, turn and catch on the other side. Only caught balls count for points – accuracy is important.
Record score on the four rounds, then max points on med ball toss.
Today’s group will be split: five will start with “Shooting Lane,” and the others wills start with snatches.
Don’t forget: for your friends who are nervous about the barbell, or if you’re looking for a shorter metabolic blast, CrossFit Lite starts at 6:15am tomorrow!
After “Angie” yesterday, you need a mental break. That means novelty: no one can get too stressed about a row without arms or legs, because you probably haven’t done it before except in warmups. Technique will carry the day on the rows. Then the med ball toss will be a mental test: your shoulders won’t get a break between the throws and quick catches. How many can you do without putting the ball down?
In the snatch, your focus today is to get UNDER the bar quickly. Take a look at the graphic below: the line at the shoulders is how high the bar should reach at its uppermost point.