Today's Workout: 110915

Today’s Workouts:
White Oak:
Snatch Balance -work up to heavy single
On the minute for as long as possible (cap 20:00)
1st minute :10 burpees
2nd minute: 15 WallBalls
100x double unders, then 3 rounds – 10x KB sumo deadlift high pulls, 10x power clean (45#), 10x sit ups.
Strength: Power clean – Warm up, then: 3-3-3-2-2-2-1.
Work Capacity: Complete the following for time…

  • 100x air squats
  • 75x KB swings (53#/35#)
  • 50x weighted sit ups (35#/25#)
  • 25x ring push ups
  • Run 400m

Tonight at 5:30, Ray Gowlett will be speaking to the Green Army Comp Team about wattage, peak wattage and power. He’s got some innovative ideas on high-level fitness. You’re welcome to attend, and stick around for the Green Army workout to see if more competitive workouts are right for you!