Today's Workout: 120114

Weighted Pullup to Max
Then, in 20:00:
Clean x 3 (ascending weight each round)
Box Jump x 10
Pushup x 15
Work up as high as possible. Clean weight MUST increase by the same amount each round (you determine the increment and starting weight.)
Creating power under fatigue isn’t just a dirty test of high-level athleticism.
It’s also a test of fragility: when things get hard, will your body shut down and refuse to operate? In the gym, that’s okay; it’s just a data point (we can figure out that, after twelve minutes of hard exercise, you can still lift 80% of your max with good form.) But in the world outside the lab, this information is pretty important (after twelve minutes of shoveling snow, you should take a break and stretch a bit.) Since we can’t stand beside you to coach your woodsplitting, we can give you information that will help you when you’re beyond our sphere of influence.
On that note, No-Sugar November wrapped up yesterday. Submit your points to today to find out who won!