Toy Hack 2014

Got any old, broken toys?
Give them new life!
On December 14 from 2-3:30, kids can try Toy Hacking at IgniteGym.
Kids: bring $5 and two broken toys.
Parents: make sure your kids are willing to part with these toys – it’s NOT a repair depot. In fact, it’s the opposite.
Ignite coaches will provide hot glue, tools, tape and scissors to help. Kids provide the imagination. Catalyst family members: if you have old toys (no Lego, please) you can donate them at the gym before the 14th.
Volunteers, let us know if you can help the kids!
All proceeds go to the Ignite Fund, to provide Ignite and Catalyst Junior Varsity scholarships for kids who can’t afford them.
We can only take 10 kids! Email to register yours!