Today's Workout: 120613

3-position clean x 10 rounds
Then: “Sweater Vest”
10 Power Cleans – 95/65
10 Box Jumps
AMRAP in 7:00.
Elisabeth Akinwale is competing in the American Open this weekend (you can watch it all here.) For the first time, over 400 athletes are competing: testament to the new era of American Weightlifting.
Though some strength coaches are critical of CrossFit (sometimes because they’re jealous,) it’s certainly popular among weightlifters, who credit CrossFit with ‘saving’ their sport. Four of our coaches attended a USAWeightlifting course two weeks ago, and were among the best movers in the room; every one scored 100% on their exam. Greg Glassman would like to do the same for gymnastics, by bringing its playground roots back. And professional athletes trust their bodies, careers and livelihood to CrossFit, even as the columnists cry, “wrong! wrong! wrong!” and offer no comprehensive alternative. As the great Mel Siff once said to me via email, “If you’re willing to send up a flag, someone’s going to shoot at you.”
Celebrate weightlifting this weekend. If you’re a woman, celebrate twice as hard. Stereotype is the new apron string, and CrossFit has cut that sucker cleanly.