Today's Workout: 120713

In teams of 2 or 3:
Run 400m
Single-bounce wall ball relay* – 25/person
Row 400m
25 wall balls each
Run 400m
Single-squat circle
Row 400m
50 squats each
…for time.
(see workout description below.)
10am – SNATCH CLINIC with USAW coaches Mel, Jess and Charity! Register online here, or pay at the door (it’s only $20 for 2 hours.) The front gym will be CLOSED for this clinic, but the Back gym will stay open.
Rumble/Tumble is at 9am! Want to try it? Show up 10 minutes early!
Junior Varsity has their own time (10am) and Varsity moves to 11am. There’s a Junior Varsity  and Varsity Gauntlet coming up January 25th…get training!
Today’s workout is a test of interpersonal coordination (teamwork) and your ability to finish a task unbroken. After the first run, one partner does a wallball and lets it bounce rather than catching it. The second partner, standing behind them, steps forward, catches the ball off the bounce, and does a wall ball, then moves out of the way for the first partner. The height and accuracy of your throw will make a huge difference. If you don’t ‘play’ the ball off a single bounce, the previous rep doesn’t count.
Each partner must row the 400m individually, but they may run together.
In the single-squat circle, partners alternate doing squats. One must completely lock out at the top (and reach full depth at the bottom) for the squat to count. Partners alternate 1-1-1-1… squats. After the final run, they must perform 50 squats each before their teammate begins their own.