Today's Workout: 121713

HSPU: 2 max sets each from a deficit, from flat ground, and from shortened ROM (or aided.) See below.
Muscle-Up negatives: 3 x 5
Deadlift x 5 (315/225)
Handstand Pushups x 15
3 rounds for time.
Handstand Pushups (HSPUs) present a wide variety of scaling options:

  • From a deficit (hands elevated, increasing ROM)
  • Flat and strict
  • Flat, kipped
  • To an advantage (head touches a pad)
  • Wall Walkups
  • Feet elevated, legs straight, toes on a box
  • Feet elevated, knees on a box
  • Stinkbugs, feet close
  • Stinkbugs, feet far
  • Pushups

From the list, identify a level at which you feel competent. Perform two sets of work at one level above your current level, two sets at your current level of competence, and two sets at a level below your current level. Even if you achieve only one or two reps in the first two, you’re practicing a skill first, then performing max work at your current level of competence, and then working to failure at an “easier” level to build capacity.
The reverse muscle-up is a way to  wire a movement backward. Since a muscle can handle an eccentric load about 30% greater than its concentric max, anyone who can hold a front support on the rings can lower themselves into a deep dip, and then reverse the kip into the rings. This will help to ‘wire’ or neuromuscularly program the correct sequence of movements to achieve the muscle-up. Go as slowly as possible and  ‘feel’ transitions and balance points rather than simply hitting the same walls over and over.
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