Today's Workout: 121813

Ten rounds for time of:
12 Burpees
12 Pull-ups
Simple, right? An advanced level of fitness doesn’t always require complicated programming. In fact, efficiency dictates that we use the least amount of work possible to achieve the desired result. Simple programming, to us, is elegant; simple but precise movement is virtuous. Neither are easy. Both are worthwhile.
We are frequently distracted. This prevents us from caring too deeply about any single thing, or particular moment. We skim across time like a skipping rock, penetrating the surface only at the end. What’s driving that momentum? In other words, what hand has thrown us?
Most of us pursue exercise in this way: desperate for change, scared of staying the same, thrown and spun by our jiggling bellies and tight jeans and sagging ass. We skip from workout to workout, putting in time and punching the clock. Some gyms encourage television-watching during exercise; some workouts are easy enough to make television-watching possible.
Not this one.
In this workout, you’ll be aware of every rep. When your chest hits the deck on the seventh burpee, you’ll know it. You won’t want to grab the pullup bar for your sixty-eighth, but you will. You’ll make yourself promises, tell yourself lies. This workout will penetrate. You will not be distracted.
The point of today’s workout is simple: don’t stop. The simple reduction of your focus to the task at hand will make it the best hour of your day. See you in class.
Above: Gavin Grant teaches the rowing seminar in 2011. He’ll be here next Saturday with Steph Eusebi to explain our No Grain/No Pain January Challenge. The clinic is free with entry in the Challenge.
THIS Saturday is our Catalyst Family Potluck. Please come; we’d love to see you.