Today's Workout: 122314

Thruster to Max
150 Wall Balls for time.
We don’t often do heavy thrusters. But when we do, we go to a max.
Long before you max out your muscles or joints, you’ll max out your positions. We teach movement, and positions are the start, middle and end of movement.
If you catch a bad clean, you’ll fight harder to stand the weight up. But if you catch a bad thruster, you won’t get up at all; there’s no reset between the clean and the press overhead. Doing heavy thrusters reinforces torso position when preparing to press; wrist and forearm position in the bottom of the clean, and explosiveness out of the hole.  It’s also a mental break for those struggling to PR their cleans.
“Karen” is not a mental break.
“Karen” puts her thumb on your mental power and presses down.
“Karen” likes to watch your focus squirm.
“Karen” makes you ask yourself: am I really tired? Really? Can I do one more?
It’s a great test of grit, and a great example of stretching time. Simple, not easy.