A Weekend of Rebirth: The Masters Qualifier

This weekend, Cindy and Boo will be competing in a worldwide Masters Qualifier for the CrossFitGames. We’re so proud of them!
It’s also Easter weekend, but we’ll be opening the gym to support these wonderful women as they continue with the next stage after the Open.
Come and do the workouts with them! There are four to be done:
1. Thursday night at 8pm – Event #1
2. Friday at 10am – Event #2
3. and 4. – TBD
Not coincidentally, the gym will be open around these times. We very rarely close, so most of these hours will be familiar:
Friday: 6am-noon; CrossFit group at 7am, Masters Qualifier Event at 10. Open Gym from 6-7am and 8-10am.
Saturday – regular hours.
Sunday – closed.
Monday – regular hours.
Simple! Come and celebrate the success of Boo and Cindy, and help them sweat through their Masters Qualifier workouts! Stay tuned for times for #3 and #4!