WOD 011909

The Gals Are Rippin' It Up!

Saturday's Pairs Challenge saw 'Team Black' (Anna and Suzanne) beat the boys handily.  They finished in 14:34 to take out Team Green, Team Red, and Team Orange – all mens' teams.  Nice!

This Saturday, Anna and Lisa will attack our Push/Pull Meet.  Will we see our first 300lbs deadlift by a female?  No pressure, Anna!  

Whitney's training for the Crossfit Games 2009 Qualifier.  Under 100 women in the world will get to compete at the Games – and only 12 from Canada.  

Sarah Grand, another superhero, started her new blog on the weekend.  To celebrate, today's WOD is 100 Grand, Sarah's own creation.  

"100 Grand"

25 ring pushups
25 tuck jumps
25 knees to elbows
25 walking lunges
4 rounds for time.