WOD 050908 – Cindy

5 Pullups
10 Pushups
15 Squats

I picked this WOD for a normal Crossfit rest day because we needed a record on the board at the new gym.  Boy, did we get one!  Colleen went 36 ROUNDS (she says 36.75) to put a deep mark on the board!  The only way to beat her, ladies: do it as prescribed, with no jumping pullups!

As I watched Beth and Colleen this morning, yelling with my ragged voice, I realized that Cindy is my ‘Murph’ strategy!  5-10-15 as fast as possible!  Of course, adding a run before and after changes the ‘dynamic’ a bit for me.
Nice job Ty on your 455 Unbelted Deadlift – for 3 – last night!  Sick!