WOD 102108

Ten rounds for time of:
12 Burpees
12 Pull-ups

Ever wonder what a Crossfit Certification Seminar is like?  This is Coach Kubis' experience:

During the Thanksgiving weekend I chose to miss out on one of the best meals in the world to participate in the two day Crossfit Level One Certification training seminar in Toronto. It was an awesome experience and definitely worth giving up the turkey 

The trainers/instructors were top notch and they spent two days teaching sixty participants the crossfit priniciples and demonstrating the mechanics of nine core movements. The theory portion was taught in a classroom setting after which we broke into small groups and moved to the floor to demonstrate what we had just been taught. This provided us with an opportunity to practice in front of qualified instructors who were happy to constructively critique our performance.  This helped us improve our form and raised our awareness about proper movement so that mistakes could be recognized and corrected easily.  Anyone having difficulty was sent to the middle of the circle where the group could coach and encourage corrections. I tried so hard to keep perfect form but still ended up in the middle on several occasions.  At first it was awkward because everybody was watching and critiquing my performance, but this passed quickly and my focus was on correcting form in order to become a better athlete and trainer. The camaraderie and encouragement from the group and the instructors made these awkward moments a lot of fun.

The Kube is in there somewhere; can you find him?

Each day was a challenge and just when you thought your body could take no more, the instructors announced a surprise. The first surprise “Work Out of the Day” (WOD) was Tabata squats (20 seconds of squats and 10 seconds of rest) for 8 minutes. Our rest  period was not done standing up but instead we had to rest in a squat position. After  8 minutes the mere task of walking back to the classroom was a challenge. The second WOD was completing the Crossfit Classic Fran (this is demonstrated on Crossfit.com) but the instructors modified it to a Running Fran (group effort). This meant an 800m run, 420 thrusters, another 800m run, 210 pull-ups and a final 800m run.  My group pulled off a third place finish out of five teams, talk about intense! Then after this intense work out they brought out the camera for a group photo. Needless to say we all  looked pretty much wasted.   Our final WOD was Lucky 7’s (10 medicine ball cleans and 10 push ups) for as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes.  Everyone was still hurting from the squats and thrusters the day before so this was another challenge to be overcome. We partnered up and changed roles to work both as an athlete and a coach. I volunteered to go first and my partner coached me to complete 14 rounds in 10 minutes. My partner was able to complete one more round than me and we learned how coaching plays such a critical part in motivating us to push the limits.

I am pumped about sharing my Crossfit experience with my coworkers and clients.  If you want to experience a workout that is exciting, intense and effective then you need to visit us at Catalyst.  We can modify workouts to accommodate any fitness level.
Train Hard and Enjoy!
Kris Kubis
Crossfit Coach