WOD 102308

Hex Bar Deadlift 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

..or Max Deadlift 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

…aim for a personal best around Round 3 or 4.  But don't miss out on heavy singles for the remainder, even if you have to deload 5-10%!

This is a picture of Intern Taylor, our womens' Deadlift Champ and all-time record holder, warming up to her big 280lbs record!

Read: The Nine Core Movements of Crossfit by Coach Kubis, below (click 'Extended Entry.')

Nine Core Movements of Crossfit

Crossfit’s nine core movements are taught in the following triplet
form, air squat, front squat, overhead squat; press, push press, push jerk; and
deadlift, sumo deadlift high pull, and clean the simplest form to the most complex
form respectively.  Crossfit uses each
movement as a stand-alone movement but can also be incorporated into a more
complex movement such as the clean and jerk, thruster and the snatch. Remembering
to use the following guidelines will help you master the techniques needed to
perfect the nine core movements of Crossfit.

 SET 1

Air Squat

Feet are shoulder width apart

Keep head up and look straight ahead

Keep weight on your heels

Lift your arms out and up as you squat down

Keep you butt back and down

Keep chest high and midsection tight

Stop when your hips are below your knees

 Front Squat

Bar rests on chest and shoulders using a loose grip

Elbows are below and in front of bar

Follow same mechanics of the above noted Air Squat

 Overhead Squat

Grip bar placing your hands as wide apart as needed

Keep bar overhead with active shoulders in a lock out

Follow the same mechanics of the above noted Air Squat

 SET 2

Shoulder Press

Bar sits on the shoulders

Grip is slightly wider than shoulder width

Elbows are below and in front of bar

Press bar overhead until arms are fully extended without any
leg drive

Push Press

Follow the same mechanics as the above noted Shoulder Press

Dip (1/4 of a squat depth) by bending hip and knees

Drive using hips and legs

Press the bar overhead until arms are fully extended 

Push Jerk

Start off with the same mechanics as the above noted Push Press

This time when pressing overhead make a second dip

When dipping catch the bar in a partial squat position with
arms fully extended overhead

Finish by standing with bar directly overhead

 SET 3


Start with a natural stance

Shoulders slightly forward

Keep chest up and midsection tight

Look straight ahead

Arms locked

Pull bar up along front of legs

Push with the heels

Bring hips forward and lock out arms

Lower bar back down to the ground

 Sumo Deadlift High Pull

Start with a wide stance

Take a narrow grip on bar

Look straight ahead and keep back arched

Pull bar up with hips and legs

Shrug powerfully

Bring the bar up under the chin

Keep elbows up high

Lower back down to the ground

 Medicine Ball Clean

Start in a Deadlift position over the ball

Keep arms straight, back and chest up

Squeeze the ball off the ground without bending the arms

As the ball passes the knees, shrug the ball keeping the
shoulders active

Keep ball close to the body

Quickly pull yourself under the ball into a full squat

Do not rotate the ball

Finish by rising into a standing position

 By mastering the nine core movements you will find the more
complex moves such as clean and jerk, thrusters and snatch easier to

 Train Hard and Enjoy!

Kris Kubis
Crossfit Coach