WOD 111708


3 Rounds for time:

Run 400m

21 Kettlebell Swings

12 Pullups

Today, you’re going to exercise your aversion to risk.

Seth Godin’s blog (always good) is talking about risk in a populace of fearful constituents.  It’s about business, but you can easily apply it to taking risk in your own life.  Some extreme examples:
If you’ve never been in an abusive relationship, you can’t (and I can’t) understand why the abused will stay involved with the abuser.  But if you live in a climate of fear, it’s hard to take action – even against the source of the fear.  
When we’re voting in an election, it’s easier to take the ‘devil you know’ approach and pick the incumbent party or candidate.  No, we may not be happy with their role or their performance, but hey – the other guy could be worse.

…or way better.  What’s the worst – case scenario: more of the same?

Today, exercise the power of the Worst Case Scenario.  If you were laid off today, what’s the worst-case scenario?  What would you do for money, starting tomorrow?  Apply for the same job somewhere else, or take the opportunity to start that woodcarving business you’ve been talking about for a decade?  
What if your abusive spouse’s sentence relied on your testimony – would you try to please them through perjury, or cut ties and find something – anything – better?  What’s the Worst Case Scenario?  Can you live with it for 3 months?  If yes, then you’re crazy not to try.

Read this: Will O’ The Mill , by Robert Louis Stevenson, 1901.
“..and there he sat, biting his fingernails at destiny…”

Stop chewing your nails.  It’s a bad habit.