The Cost of Doing Nothing

When we get a new client whose primary goal is fat loss, our first objective is to STOP WEIGHT GAIN.  That's right: you're not actually 'sitting' at a given weight, but you're actually gaining weight (or losing it) as I write this.  And the clock is ticking.

Getting fit is a risky endeavour.  There's usually money involved, and time.  There's also negative social stigma attached to a failed attempt.  What if I try this, and it doesn't work?  What if my friends find out I'm doing this, and I don't make progress?  They'll assume it's my fault!
And so, paralysis by analysis.  Too much information to process.  Can't make a decision until I'm sure it's the PERFECT one.  No sense starting a new fitness program until Christmas is over, right?  Tick, tick, tick, tock….
You assume that you have nothing to lose by doing nothing.  That's not true.  You're not staying still; you're backsliding.  Tick, tick, tick.  You're not standing on a flat playing field; you're standing on an icy slope.  Tick, tick, tick.  You're backsliding.  The boat doesn't look to be sinking, but it's taking on water all the time.  I'll just keep doing that program I tore out of that magazine.  Tick, tick, tick….
There's a cost to all this, of course: you're missing opportunity.  You're missing the chance to make an investment – one that pays dividends.  Christmas is a month away; you could enter the binge season with some real gains under your (looser) belt.  Tick, tick, tick.  You could be more insulin sensitive, for one.  You could have a solid plan of attack to deal with a tight social schedule. Tick, tock. You could drop a dress size.  You could have a bit of experience to share over the eggnog.  Heck, you could have 
some war stories about Diane and Elizabeth and Michael and all the rest, if you're a Crossfitter.  In short, you could enter Christmas as a different person than you are now; one that handles the temptations better, and one that won't be quite as lonely under the mistletoe.  Tick, tick, tick…
Or you can do nothing.  You can wait.
Tomorrow, you're not going to wake up as the same person you are today.  You're either going to be a little bit better, or a little bit worse.  No one is static.  No one gets to float.
In the fitness world, 'zero' is a negative.  
Can you really afford more of the same?  

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