100 Reasons To Do Murph 2011

Last year, before 2010 Sectionals, I had a decision to make: a trip to Toronto for Sectionals would be expensive. Staffing at the Park would be an issue if I was away; we'd have two kids to truck around, and I really didn't have a chance of finishing on the podium. Yes, the Team would be there, and yes, I'd love to coach, but…..

As usual, I first considered the worst-case scenario: what if I finished last? I put myself in that position mentally for a few minutes, just to 'try it on.' It felt okay – I'd still have competed. After THAT, the rest was a foregone conclusion, but I still wrote down 100 reasons to go and compete. I was shocked by how easy it was to come up with 100 (and now, a year later, to replace most of them to be relevant to Murph.) Maybe it will help you decide to do the event; maybe the 'worst-case scenario' exercise will be enough.

  1.  Three words: "Go, daddy, go!"
  2. Anxiety makes you a better athlete.Murphgirls
  3. Fear makes you eat your broccoli.
  4. You can probably finish in under 60 minutes.
  5. If you can finish in under 60 minutes, you can probably get under 45 minutes next year.
  6. If you can finish in under 45 minutes, the 30-minute mark is going to beckon…..
  7. Gotta represent the "unnaturals" who didn't play sports their whole lives
  8. Next year, you're trying the Open.
  9. This is year One of your 15-year training plan for the Masters division
  10. Ray Gowlett: "It's like unwrapping your Christmas presents!"
  11. The worst-case scenario (last place?) really isn't bad at all.
  12. It's less a fashion show than a gong show.
  13. It's your sport.
  14. This is your team. 
  15. Carolle's being a sherpa for some of the Timids.
  16. The Timids are awesome. Anxiety is our cardio.
  17. Competing at CrossFit = winning at life.
  18. The conversation with Philsy afterward. It's always good, and he always has beer in his gym bag.
  19. My kids tend to try the stuff they see me doing.  Anyone else ever notice that?
  20. I get to wear 3 of my favourite hats in the same day: cheerleader, coach, and athlete.
  21. The next day, I'll wear my fourth favourite, when I write about it.
  22. I get to watch a LOT of pullup newbies this year. Wow.
  23. I'll do anything to get the big door open in March.
  24. Feeling my lizard brain writhe during the last 10 seconds before the start.
  25. Frequent exposure to physical stress makes me better at dealing with other stress.  It's a physiological fact.
  26. If you weren't an athlete in high school….this is your new 'default' setting.
  27. Participation is good for the sport.
  28. 48 hours of post-Murph glee.  Almost like a refractory period.
  29. The incredible photography that shows up afterward!
  30. Watching the CrossFit community flex its collective muscle.
  31. Watching the CrossFit philosophy flex its solid muscle.
  32. You just don't get the opportunity to be amazed that often anymore.
  33. You know how hard it's been to get to your current level, and if there are 50 who are even better, that's going to be incredible to watch.
  34. If I keep meeting new people, I don't have to learn any new jokes.
  35. This train only goes forward or backward.
  36. Posting the event on your facebook wall get you 20 new friends and 50 "you're crazy!lol" comments afterward.
  37. I think this is the 'right' carrot to hang in front of people.
  38. You can look in the mirror every day, but you only get to see yourself under the microscope once or twice per year.
  39. When the Green Army qualifies for Nationals, you can say, "I did pullups with that girl a month ago!"
  40. You never know.
  41. You're never going to be this young again.
  42. SOMEBODY's going to have a ridiculous costume. Happens every year.
  43. It's all about the story.
  44. You get to see if the wiring and the plumbing work well together.
  45. You'll spend a whole morning with people who know how to use a foam roller.
  46. You'll get to see some of the coaches compete. Remember all those jokes about seeing THEM suffer? It happens on Saturday.
  47. "The walk" from the car to the front door. Nervous jokes are double-funny!
  48. 'Recovery' ice cream for lunch.
  49. The second step on the staircase isn't visible until you're standing on the first.
  50. Writing this list is really easy – that's reason enough!
  51. Test, revise curriculum, repeat.
  52. Your form will be checked against the highest standard.
  53. How else would I know?
  54. You're building an exercise habit.  You don't ever stop.
  55. Godaddy You've already got the calluses. That's one investment you've already made.
  56. You can convince 2 of your friends to come next year. 
  57. You're not going to come last. And if you did, no one would know.
  58. Some of the most athletic physiques in the Sault….and not a single mirror.
  59. Best seats in the house are on the stage. 
  60. Gotta stop everyone else from eating the jar of pickles before the pickle-eating contest.
  61. You know the rest of the Family's watching.
  62. Last year, we had people doing it around the world with us.
  63. You'll share a chalk dish with some of the best lifters,runners, and people in the city.
  64. More people wearing Chucks in one room than anywhere else north of Westside Barbell!
  65. "This is a truth derived through competition, not debate." – Greg Glassman
  66. Brent's outfits are best experienced in person.
  67. Exercise theory funneled down to a fine point.  Either it's true, or you lose.
  68. Only the bullfighter really knows what it's like in the arena.
  69. Tyler's "game face."
  70. It's nice to be in an environment where "lockout" doesn't refer to picket lines.
  71. The soundtrack is always excellent.
  72. The sound of the pull bar a-rockin'.
  73. Solidarity.
  74. Charity smiling while she links pullup after pullup.
  75. Pullups used to scare the hell out of you. You're getting comfortable with uncomfortable.
  76. A glimpse of the next level, waiting for your footprint soon.
  77. This essay.
  78. It will keep you humble for another year.
  79. Proud, but humble.
  80. The competition IS the reward.
  81. Not too many years ago, I would have chickened out too. And if you chicken out this year, you will next year.
  82. Your spouse needs to SEE you to understand why you talk about this stuff all the time.
  83. Six months until Catalyst Games 2011.
  84. Beerhug The three brand-new CrossFitters who signed up this week. They're coming. You'll seem untouchable to them; miles away. Just like the others did to you when YOU started.
  85. It's Saturday morning. You'd be here anyway.
  86. 40 first-timer, neverevers finished Murph last year!
  87. The anticipation is always worse than the action.
  88. There just aren't many sunsets left to ride off into.
  89. We're collectively nudging the human genome back in the right direction.
  90. The species didn't go through this whole evolutionary process to be better at watching Oprah.
  91. EVERY time we've called, the Catalyst Family has answered. Let's keep paying it forward.
  92. There will be at least one racer with only one foot that works.
  93. WWPDD? (What would Pam Didonato Do?) She did it last year!

94. I get to live like a professional athlete for the whole weekend (thanks, Ray!)

95. You have a reason to train hard, eat right, and sleep.  Also, complain.

96. Gotta see if Cam's up to it.

97.There's no legitimate record on the Board. Who's going to go sub-30:00 and earn that spot?

98. Some of the Green Army Team is doing it – the day before their first Open WOD ever.

99. I know a couple who's cancelled their vacation to be there.

100.  You can.  Therefore, you must.


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