Catalyst Games 2014: Pairs and Teams

Teams and Pairs at Catalyst Games 2014 will perform the same events as Indies…with a few twists. Some of these were already revealed, but most are new:
Event 1: Hill Sprint
Pairs – Run together. The slowest partner’s time is the one that counts.
Teams – Run together. Slowest team member’s time is the one that counts.
Event 2: Front Squat
Pairs – scored by total poundage. Women will lift with the Indie women, and men with the Indie men; their total will be added to their partner’s total.
Teams – Scored by total poundage for the whole team.
Event 3: Shuttle Run
Pairs – complete the shuttle in an alternating fashion. Partners must tag each other to trade off; one partner must remain motionless with their entire body behind the line while waiting to be tagged by the other.
Teams – complete the shuttle run in alternating fashion. Teams must rotate through members without skipping anyone. Athletes on a team must tag each other to trade off; the athlete waiting to be tagged must remain motionless with their entire body behind the line.
Event 4: Push-Pull Chipper
Partners – alternate through exercises (one partner does all the pushups; the other does the pull-ups; the first does the HSPU.)
Teams – alternate through exercises. One teammate does the pushups; another does the pull-ups; a third does the HSPU, etc. Since there are 5 movements, the teammate who led with pushups will end up doing Handstand walk.
Event 5: “Elizabeth”
Pairs – each partner must complete 45 total reps, including a minimum of one power clean and one ring dip. Only one partner moves at a time; control is changed with a hand-tag. For example, if one partner is better at ring dips, they may perform 44 of the 45 reps in the workout; the other may do 44 of 45 power cleans. Reps alternate in the 21-15-9 pattern with a hand tag each time there’s a tradeoff.
Teams – each teammate must complete a total of 45 reps. Teams will split into two partnerships and follow the same rules as Pairs (above.) The total combined time of the two partnerships will be the team score.
Event 6: Indies only.

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