Catalyst Games 2017: Event Announcement!

In case you missed it, the first event of the 2017 Catalyst Games was announced last night!
The announcement took place on a local roller rink I like to call “The Cooperdome”, and was made by my 13-year-old daughter, Avery.
There’s a video on Instagram.
But here it is:
The first event of the 2017 Catalyst Games is a clean and jerk ladder.
Last time the Games were at Searchmont, we had a similar ladder; but competitors were forced to complete 10 pushups between each lift. This time there’s no such requirement.
On the minute, every minute, athletes will move through a series of pre-loaded barbells, beginning with the lightest weight.
This year, there’s a point for the clean and a point for the jerk. A successful ground-to-overhead lift will be worth two points.
The athlete must complete the lift – from still on the ground to locked out overhead, with feet together – before the timer sounds to end the minute.
If an athlete is holding a barbell but hasn’t yet completed the lift, it doesn’t count, even if the bar is in motion.
For example, if an athlete has cleaned the bar to her collarbone but hasn’t locked it out overhead when the buzzer sounds, she gets one point. She will not have a chance to attempt the jerk.
If an athlete begins the jerk, but hasn’t finished with his feet together when the buzzer sounds, he’ll get credit for the clean, but not the jerk.
Any clean is allowed (power or full) and any variation of jerk (push press, push jerk or split jerk) will do.
However, if an athlete drops to her knees during the lift or any part of their body other than their feet touches the ground, the lift is a no-rep.
If an athlete can’t complete the jerk at one weight, they may not move on to the next weight.
Weights will be announced the morning of the event (we want you to think, but not have a chance to strategize.) Lift it or don’t.
See you at the hill!