Catalyst Games 2017: Rx or Blue Collar?

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You might call the Catalyst Games, “Collaborative Competition”.

Because we mostly workout together, we share an enthusiasm–and empathy–for hard work. When I see Sarah’s time on the board, I think “That must have been HARD.” And then I try it myself, and my suspicions are confirmed.

In any group at Catalyst, on any given day, you’ll find athletes and laborers. The BEST part is that anyone can be either–or both–within the same week.

Athlete: going as fast as they can, using the top-level weights and movement standards.

Laborers (like me): grinding through it, not taking themselves too seriously, just happy to earn a smile and high-five from their friends.

Sometimes I feel GREAT, and want to attack the workout. But most times, I’m trying to clear my head and sweat enough to have an awesome afternoon. Most days, I’m carving out an hour to lift weights with my friends. But I LOVE watching the “real” athletes hit the workout like it’s a tackling dummy. It’s amazing to watch “normal” people when they’re in game mode.

The Games will be just like a long CrossFit group: you can choose the road of the athlete (Rx Individuals and Teams) or the humble laborer (Blue Collar Individuals and Teams).

Even better: you don’t have to decide before you enter.

For the past several years, we’ve been using Dynamic Scaling rules. Basically, you can start the Games in the Rx division, and then choose to scale any workout you like.

Our leaderboards show the scores, times and best lifts of those in the Rx division. We don’t keep a scoreboard for the Blue Collar division, because scaling options are infinite.

For example, let’s say the first event is a run up the mountain. You decide to perform the workout Rx. Sweet!

Then we announce the second workout is Fran (it’s probably not.) You don’t have pull-ups, so you scale to ring rows. Great. You’re immediately moved to the Blue Collar division. Hope you like country music.

You can scale to Blue Collar Division anytime you like. And you can still choose to do as many of the events as you like at the Rx weights and movement standards. But once you go blue, you never go back. Fair? We think so.

Our purpose is to be broad, general and inclusive. Sometimes that means “fast and hard.” Sometimes that means “give me an excuse to drink a beer on this mountain.” It’s your choice.

Pick your team. Choose your category. Get registered here.

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