Fight On Friday

"Fight Gone Bad" – sometimes known in the CrossFit world as "Chuck Norris" – is one of the toughest workouts you'll ever do.

1 minute each of : Push Press (75lbs,) Sumo High Pull (75lbs,) Box Jumps (20",) Wall Ball (20lbs,) and Rower.  1 point for each rep, and each calorie burned on the rower.  17 minutes of straight-ahead, full-driving, gut-checking survival.
Strategies for FGB abound on the Internet.  Over the past month, we've featured a few on this site.  Our record is 363 points for Men (Ray Gowlett) and 221 points for Women (Lisa Lawrence, with prescribed weights.)
We'll be featuring up to 6 groups today, starting at 9am.  Please arrive before 8:45am for a competitor meeting.  The first two groups will be done scaled (half the weight, half the jump height.)  

Why Good Friday?
CrossFit is more than a belief system; it's a grassroots movement to undermine and displace the opulence of Big Chain Fitness.  It focuses on the basics: natural movement, done well, at a high intensity, in a sport-like arena.  We're students and coaches at the same time.  We're frequently criticized by the dogma-swallowing 'mainstream' for being too coarse; for accepting EVERYONE; for focusing on output and not fashion.  
Does that sound familiar?  
Don't think that's  heresy.  We're not being irreverent.  If anything, the intensity of Fight Gone Bad brings us closer to our spiritual core.

How can a workout – a simple physical task – be spiritual?  Somewhere around the start of Round 2, the thorns will start to come out.  They'll rise to the surface.  Your sins, and the trespasses of others against you, will demand attention.  You'll be forced to deal with them – to forgive them – or perish.  Repression means failure.  As your physical limits are maxed, mental ones at their limit, and emotions at the breaking point, only then can spirituality blossom.  After 17 minutes, you'll be scrubbed.  You'll be reborn, left with nothing but happiness, love, and respect.

If you don't believe you can complete this workout, you're wrong.  If you're scared, though, come and watch: it's a great event for spectators.  You could even win a shirt just for showing up with your camera!  

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