Gymnastics: Back to Basics

Humans were designed to move, to climb, to crawl, to hang, to squat.But our lifestyles pull us in the opposite direction. We sit, hunched, for most of the day. We don’t walk anywhere. Basic functions of locomotion, joint rotation and alignment are slipping away from our species. We’re regressing.
Wednesday nights at 8pm for 6 weeks, work toward becoming a human athlete. Start from the foundations, and build toward handstands, kipping pullups, toes-to-bar and muscle-ups! Led by CrossFit Gymnastics Certified instructors.
All calisthenic, with strength-and-skill building as priority. No prerequisite (but small class size.) Move at your own pace, and progress as far as your own body will allow. See the difference 6 weeks of practice makes. Open gym not required.
Register Online Here.   When you need to move, you’ll be ready.