Holiday Treats

December is going to be PACKED with opportunities.
When the coaches returned home from the USAW Cert late Sunday night, they were bubbling. Though among the best lifters in attendance (so sayeth the wise and learned Holley Mangold,) Catalyst coaches were really excited to learn new ways to teach the Olympic lifts. These new cues and setups will show up in CrossFit groups, of course, but we want to give you a chance for consistent practice immediately!
December 7th – 10am-noon – Snatch Clinic
December 14th – 10am-noon- Clean and Jerk Clinic
December 21st – SUPERMEET, Catalyst Family Potluck
December 28th – Rowing Clinic with Gavin Grant, Eating For Performance Clinic with Steph Eusebi, 10am-noon
January 1st – kickoff to the NO PAIN/NO GRAINS challenge with a VERY special workout! One class only. You have NEVER done a WOD like this anywhere before!
When a clinic is rolling, we’ll close one side of the gym. No fear: with all the expanded space, we’ll be able to run ‘Open Gym’ in the other half, no problem!
Registration for the lifting clinics is $20 for 2 hours (ridiculously good value.) Registration for the NO PAIN/NO GRAINS challenge will open in December. Click the links above to reserve a spot!