The "Inspiration" Part

At Catalyst, we do two things: we EDUCATE and we INSPIRE.
Most of the year, that inspiration blossoms from within: we attend noon group and see Stacey walk on her hands. Or we watch Vance throw 225 over his head on Wednesday night, or cheer for Colette as she does a bar traverse. Every little success begets the next.
“If HE can do THAT…maybe I can do THIS.” Behavioral scientists call it “Social Proof.” Sociologists call it a “herd mentality.” Dr. John Ratey calls it “competitive collaboration.” I call it Wednesday.
A few times every year, we borrow inspiration from others. We watch the best in the world compete at The CrossFit Games, and we see the horizon get pushed back a bit further every year. Today, a woman deadlifted 445lbs; a man did 650lbs. They both had abs, and can walk on their hands. The CrossFit Games is proof that we haven’t reached the limits of our evolution…not even close.
Proof is what it’s all about. At the far edge of the spectrum, these folks are proving something to the world. We have something to prove, too: but only to one person at a time.
Catalyst is constantly proving–through education and inspiration–that our science works. We’re proving it in Sault Ste. Marie, across Northern Ontario, and to followers around the world.You only have to prove your fitness to one person, however:
Day after day, you show up. You learn, and get better. You pursue health through labor. One drip at a time, you push frailty back into its cobwebbed closet. You live as an athlete: strategic food choices, early bedtimes, active recovery and study-study-study, learn-learn-learn. If you come to Catalyst, you probably know more about fitness than anyone else in your home or your workplace. And you’re probably a lot more fit, even if you don’t give yourself enough credit.
You need to prove yourself to yourself.
There’s another level of CrossFit to which you have possibly never aspired. It’s competition, and you already hold the prerequisites. You’ve already done harder workouts than you’ll face at the Catalyst Games. Your coaches already know you’ll finish; your Catalyst Family already knows you’ll succeed. The only person who doesn’t is you.
The CrossFit Open is a fantastic test, but there is none greater than the Catalyst Games. If you need teammates to get you to the starting line, find three. If you only need a partner to hold your hand at registration, find one. If you can go it alone, do it. Come first, come last–it doesn’t matter. Just come.
You’re capable of more than you think. We’ve been proving it for six years.
Click here to sign up for the 2014 Catalyst Games.
Below, I’m talking about The Gift we give to others. Give YOURSELF something: a big, life-changing win.

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