Isaac Barbeau: The Athlete Inside

After having developed Osgood Schlatter’s disease in my left knee, I had to drop out of the majority of my current sports. With no way of getting decent exercise, I started coming to Catalyst for personal training with Coop to help myself become fit without irritating my knee.
I started at Catalyst by training personally with Coop until I was physically and mentally fit
(I didn’t have a ton of self confidence) enough to join in with the group training sessions taught by Melanie, Charity, Jarred and Cam. I trained with the group (where I made many friends) on a regular basis and soon I felt I was ready to enter my first Gauntlet Competition.
At the moment I am working on improving all of my skill areas but am focusing mostly on hang power snatches to help build up my upper body strength as well as hand stand walks to build up me core strength.

I would say that my favourite part of Catalyst is the fact that no matter what physical state you are in, no one judges you. Strong or weak, fast or slow, everyone is acceptant of you and will cheer you on to do your best.

My favourite part of competing in the Gauntlet was the fact that I realised that I am an athlete. Before Catalyst I never saw myself as good enough to compete in anything (more or less become a gauntlet competitor). This competition has helped me see that I can accomplish anything I put my mind to as long as I devote my time and effort to the cause.   

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