The Open: Schedule and Judging

Thank you, thank you.
We’ve virtually doubled our 2013 CrossFit Open participation, proving my thesis that Boo, Philsy, Linda and Shane are irresistible. You rolled your eyes, played hard-to-get…and then signed up. Now you’ve gotta do the workouts!
Every Thursday night (that’s TODAY!) we’ll learn the Open workout of the week when it’s announced live on the CrossFit Games site. At 8pm EST, fingers all over the world will be tapping ‘refresh’ along with us (Carolle holds our speed record) to see what Dave Castro has in store. A few nervous, redheaded nellies with the initials PS will likely do a little run-through immediately to calm their nerves. The REAL show is Friday, though.
You should plan to attend one of these classes on Friday:
7am / Noon / 7pm – OR, our early 5:30pm class. Be ready right at the start – you might be up first!
We’ll put up to eight people in each heat, depending on the equipment required for the workout. Ideally, we’ll have two members from each Intramural team. YELL and MAKE NOISE for your teammates!
On Sunday, the ‘last-chance’ workout will take place at NOON. Arrive early, and be ready to go! Sunday’s workout is primarily for those who feel they must complete the Open workout more than once to better their Friday score, or those who absolutely can’t make it to any class on Friday.
You’ll need a punch card to participate and have your score judged, just like at any other class time. You can get a special 5-punch card here if you don’t have one.
At the end of each workout, you’ll be given a scorecard to sign. Then enter your score on the Games site, and start leaderboarding!
Finally, loud encouragement is –uh, encouraged. Be loud! Be proud! Be respectful of kids. If you HAVE kids, they’re your responsibility; consider the potential for loud music and strong language (we’re pretty careful, but sometimes the kids stub their toe and then shock us with their profanity. And their music is atrocious.)