The Solo Ascent

Allow me to demonstrate the difference between “confidence” and “courage.”
On January 23rd, Andrew walked 9km to get to the gym, as usual. The temperature was -19, and he arrived before 6am to finish his last 5k in the 100km challenge.
That’s a feat most of us wouldn’t attempt. Andrew is–to borrow Boo’s phrase–“HAF.” A 5k row isn’t easy, but it’s nothing compared to throwing back the sheets in frigid temperatures and leaving the house hours before the sun rises. It’s a gutsy move…but he knew he could do it. That’s confidence.
“Courage” is when the outcome is unclear. When you’re not sure you can finish something, but start anyway, that’s courage. And it’s trainable.
Your first workout at Catalyst can be scary. You’re unsure of yourself because you’ve never been tested, and it’s all new, and just look at all those people, and — how many squats again?!?
It takes a bit of courage to walk through the door the first time. But as we’ve all discovered, you’re greeted before the door even closes, and welcomed with handshakes and smiles. An hour later, you have a dozen new best friends.
I’m sure Andrew felt that way on his first day years ago, but now he knows every workout is just another challenge he can overcome. So he seeks other events where courage is required. Do you?
Have you continued to challenge yourself in the courage department? Are you trying new things–running further, swimming longer, challenging winners on their own court? Or have you plateaued in that area?
Bravery and back squats will both be tested in September. Commit to doing both better.
If you’ve never done the Catalyst Games before, now is your chance. If you’d competed on a team before, consider going Indie. Do something that scares you into training harder. Scared makes prepared.
Click here to register as an indie (or a Partner, or Team.)