Spirit Of The Open, Week #4

What does it take to win?
Is it driving two hours to a gym you’d never heard of eight months ago, throwing down with your new friends, and taking top score?
Is it trying to get that first toes-to-bar…that sweet ’61’…and then trying AGAIN? And AGAIN? Smiling while receiving advice from a dozen coaches?
Is it showing up every DAY, first following your wife and then on your own? Volunteering to help in any way possible: judging, building, shaking hands?
This week, we celebrate Luc, Patty and Dave. These folks embody the spirit of Catalyst: inspiration and education. Education, because they’re all still learning, whether they scored 60 on the last workout or 183. Inspiration, because…well, you were there.
Come and collect a shirt, guys. We’re so proud of you.