Summer League – Scoring

CatalystGames2013-5985_zpsb249d3a0Summer League starts tomorrow at 8pm. The gym will be closed at 7pm for the CrossFit group, and Teams will take over from 8-10!
We have 7 Teams registered (unless some chicken out.) Need a team? Respond below this post on Facebook!
Events will be done head-to-head on a rotating basis, but scored as a group. For example, if you race The Black Sheep in Week 1, you’ll be racing someone else in Week 2. You’ll get one point for beating the other team, and up to 7 points if you win the event.
7 points – first overall for the week
6 points – second overall
5 points ….
1 point – last overall, but finished the workout
+1 point – winning your head-to-head matchup for the week.
Events rules, time caps, scoring and weights will be posted on Wednesday morning with the WOD. Spectators are MORE than welcome – come and make noise! Stick around after 7pm group and watch these folks race!
Substitutions: must be made before noon on the day of the event. A team member may be the substitute for another team, but can compete for ONLY one team each week. A team may choose one member to perform the entire workout twice if they’re missing someone. The athlete doing double must be the same sex as the missing member.
Technique and refereeing: done by Coach Taryn. Don’t make her guess; she’ll err on the side of ‘no rep.’ Her call is final. “Don’t Be A Jerk” rule overrides all and is the only grounds for disqualification.

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