The Teen Gauntlet at Catalyst – Saturday's Schedule

9:00am – regular adult group
9:30am – athlete check-in and assessment
10:00am – WOD 1
What’s the athlete assessment? A skill test. Coaches will check your handstand pushups, lifts and other movements and decide which category fits you best.
GYM MEMBERS: The front half of the gym will be CLOSED until at least 1pm for The Teen Gauntlet. You’re welcome to come in early (we’ll open at 6am for you,) attend the 9am group, use the back (rower) area, or come in the afternoon.
VARSITY GROUP MEMBERS WHO AREN’T COMPETING: Show up at 10am to try the workouts, unjudged and unscored!
WODs – October 12/13, 2013
10:00 AMRAP (30 points per round)
5 handstand push-ups
10 pull-ups
15 box jumps
Varsity: 24”/20”
Junior Varsity: 24”/20”
Novice: 20”
For handstand push-ups – 5 wall walk-ups
For pull-ups – 10 monkey hangs
WOD 2 – Skills Test
Event 1 – 400-meter time trial
Event 2 – Medicine ball toss for distance (ball to be tossed underhanded and over the head) – 3 attempts allowed in 1:00. Distance in inches to nearest half inch is measured at center mass of first impact on the ground.
Varsity: 14#
Junior Varsity: 10#
Novice: 8#
Event 3 – 1:00 row for max calories. Final count taken when rower stops tallying.
Event 4 – 1:00 max double-unders
10:00 AMRAP (13 points per round)
2 complete passes through the following complex:
Power clean
Shoulder press
Hang clean/thruster (hang “cluster”)
5 double-jump burpees
Varsity: 95#/65#
Junior Varsity: 55#/45#
Novice: 35#/25#
Scaling of weight is at the discretion of trainers during safety assessment.
The complex begins with the bar on the ground; female Novice athletes must start with the barbell below the bottom of their knees. Each complex must be completed UNBROKEN, meaning the bar cannot be dropped after it leaves the ground (or after it passes female Novice athlete knees), otherwise full complex must be repeated. Note that athlete can repeat a missed movement within the complex and continue as long as the judge counts the rep and the bar is not dropped. The bar can be released between complexes. Each movement within the complex scores one point; four points per completed complex.